The   SCRIPTORIUM   Apartments  at        Fort Augustus Abbey / Loch Ness Scotland

Enjoy the 'sound of peacefulness' at this perfect HIGHLAND HOME             ... for people who are into the magic of  The Highlands of Scotland!!!


Fort Augustus Abbey is - without doubt- one of the finest ancient buildings in the north of Scotland with a fascinating history...turbulent at times...starting out as a military garrison and -ironically perhaps- later converted into a place of peace by St Benedictine monks.

Recently redeveloped, the abbey now provides exclusive holiday homes in Scotland, now know as THE HIGHLAND CLUB.

Surrounded on three sides by water, Fort Augustus Abbey is set on the southern end of Loch Ness in its own 20 acres of beautiful matured garden grounds which extend right down to the shoreline of Loch Ness, home of the 'Water Horse' we call Nessie. The Caledonian Canal forms the western bountry and the river Tarff the eastern boundary of the abbey grounds.

Enjoy as part of The Highland Club from tennis court to cricket pitch, a sumptous Club Lounge with full-sized snooker table, the magical ambience of The Chapel Pool with sauna & steam room, the Mini-Gym and so much more to explore on site...


...and even more information & pictures you find here for

The Scriptorium RETREAT  &  The Scriptorium GARDEN

T h e   H i g h l a n d   C l u b                   -as Fort Augustus Abbey is now known- a whole estate,                    Your magical 'Island of Peace'        for You to enjoy!

The Scriptorium or High Sacristy   -building in red-    offers now              2 unique detached apartments,             The Scriptorium Retreat &                          The Scriptorium Garden

Its now the right time to reserve a week or two for £ 950 to £ 1,400 per week for 2 adults in one of the 2 apartments and enjoy this unique place in a Prime Location in Bonnie Scotland!                  Membership of The Highland Club  with use of all services available during your stay is included ... Short Breaks -starting with 2 nights- are available!